Resources and Demos

Accelerating Success is a comprehensive science curriculum enhancement!

Wait There's  More!

Accelerating Success also offers cutting edge offline resources that add to the level of student engagement, implements the 4 C's of learning, encourages writing across contents, provides additional vocabulary support and enhances the variety of tools that the educator has at their disposal for differentiation during the lesson delivery.  Our online program now spans from kinder to fifth grade and it is in English and Spanish!


Works best with Google Chrome.

This is a demo of the 5th Grade Science modules that the students will be interacting with.

This game of deductions is an engaging way to get students thinking critically about what they know.

Students will have to know their stuff and be quick to the draw to win this game!

In this game teams work to get as many points as possible by working thier way up the Points Pyramid!

In this game students give their partner or classmates clues to guess the mystery word.  Make sure NOT to use the words that are listed!

In this game students work as teams to create lists of objects that fit into a certain category.  Points are only awarded for unique answers!