5th Grade Modules


Enjoy a free demo of our online science review!

 Enjoy a free demo of our online science review modules! 

5th Grade- Physical Science

 Topics include: Matter, Mixtures and Solutions, Forms of Energy, Circuits, Light, and Experimental Design 

5th Grade- Earth Science

 Topics include: Formation of Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels, Creation of Landforms, Earth's Rotation, The Water Cycle and many more! 

5th Grade- Life Science

 Topics include: Ecosystems, Adaptations, Structure and Function, Life Cycles, and many more!  

Review Games


  This game of deductions is an engaging way to get students thinking critically about what they know.  

Wild West Shootout

Students will have to know their stuff and be quick to the draw to win this game!

You Don't Say!

Give your partner or classmate clues to guess the mystery word.  Make sure NOT to use the words that are listed!


Students work in teams to try and think of as many things that fit into a certain category.  Teams must work together as points are only awarded for unique answers!

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