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Who Are We?

Accelerating Success is a cutting edge elementary science curriculum enhancement.  This one of a kind digital platform integrates fun into learning and learning into fun in an online experience that is founded on the next generation science standards.  We believe that every child should enjoy the learning process and every teacher should too.

A Few of Our Courses

  • Anchor Charts in Action
  • Cooperative Grouping
  • How to make Formative Assessments Formative
  • Planning with the End in Mind
  • Science Assessment Prep
  • Using Emotions to Teach Social Studies
  • And More

Accelerating Success offers a wide range of professional learning that can be tailored to district and campus needs.  These trainings range from data driven decision around state testing to learning how to make formative assessments formative.  Visit the professional learning tab for more information.

Our Philosophy!

We chose the name Accelerating Success because we believe that this is what American education needs to do to keep up with the rest of the world. We also found synergy with the phrase because the method in which we believe this can be achieved is by focusing our instruction on what NGSS calls the four C's of 21st century learners. The four qualities that we believe should be focused on are Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. We are guided by these principles as we create each professional learning experience or educational resource.