Accelerating Success is the most comprehensive science curriculum enhancement available!



Accelerating Success

Isaac and Rocco have been in education for almost twenty years combined. Over the course of their time in education, they oversaw the increase of school performance in over thirty schools, most of whom were in low income areas. They have also overseen creating and delivering district wide PD where they were able service hundreds of teachers. Their love for children and their passion for influencing teachers to influence children lead them to create Accelerating Success. They also served on committees to select district wide school resources where they could learn the ins and outs of a quality supplemental school resources. These two unique opportunities allowed them to construct a unique company that can focus on both aspects of education. Accelerating Success is equipped to reach children on the classroom level with the supplemental resources. They are equipped to reach teachers through quality professional learning. Their journey through education has truly allowed them to become a holistically beneficial company to any school environment that is looking for sustainable change.


Analyzing the Rigor of State Assessments

In this Professional Learning, teachers will analyze their state assessment looking at their student's achievement as well as the rigor of the test.

Anchor Charts in Action

Tired of putting up anchor charts and students ignoring them.  In this Professional Learning, teachers will learn a variety of games and activities that will get students to reinforce the concepts included on anchor charts and word walls!

Cooperative Grouping

Long gone are the days of students in rows and sit and get instruction.  In this professional learning, teachers will learn the many ways that they can group their students to foster collaboration and communication.

Planning with the End in Mind

All great accomplishments started with a plan.  That does not mean that all plans will lead to great accomplishments.  In this Professional Learning, teachers will explore the different types of planning, and how to effectively design instruction for their learners.

Science Assessment Prep

Students have learned a lot throughout the year in science.  This Professional Learning will give teachers hands-on standards based review activities to complete with their students to get ready for the test.

Using Emotion to Teach Social Studies

Students struggle to remember dates and names, but they are quick to remember how they felt during an activity.  In this Professional Learning, teachers will learn multiple units in which the students will go through a learning experience that evokes similar emotions that the people they are learning about felt.


Why Accelerating Success?

We chose the name Accelerating Success because we believe that this is what American education needs to do to keep up with the rest of the world. We also found synergy with the phrase because the method in which we believe this can be achieved is by focusing our instruction on what NGSS calls the four C's of 21st century learners. The four qualities that we believe should be focused on are Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. We are guided by these principles as we create each professional learning experience or educational resource.



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