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Who is Accelerating Success?

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Rocco Williams

Co-President of Accelerating Success


Isaac Washington

Co-President of Accelerating Success


Isaac and Rocco have been in education for almost twenty years combined. Over the course of their time in education, they oversaw the increase of school performance in over thirty schools, most of whom were in low income areas. They have also overseen creating and delivering district wide PD where they were able service hundreds of teachers. Their love for children and their passion for influencing teachers to influence children lead them to create Accelerating Success. They also served on committees to select district wide school resources where they could learn the ins and outs of a quality supplemental school resources. These two unique opportunities allowed them to construct a unique company that can focus on both aspects of education. Accelerating Success is equipped to reach children on the classroom level with the supplemental resources. They are equipped to reach teachers through quality professional learning. Their journey through education has truly allowed them to become a holistically beneficial company to any school environment that is looking for sustainable change.


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